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Hamm: I want weird projects

Jon Hamm is striving to break out from his role on Mad Men.

The 43-year-old actor is best-known for his role as ad man and womanizer Don Draper in US TV series Mad Men.

But Jon is striving to break out of being typecast as a Lothario, and hopes producers will give him a chance to show his versatility as the period drama comes to a close in its seventh and final season.

“My interests are weirdly eclectic,” he told Variety. “Mostly, I’m still in the world of people need to kind of want me to be in their weird projects, and some people don’t want me to be in their weird projects, because they’re stuck thinking I’m Don Draper.”

Jon recently branched out with a side project, landing a second cycle in TV drama A Young Doctor’s Notebook, about a physician working in the local hospital of a small Russian village during the Russian Revolution.

The actor had some pull as he also serves as a producer on the series, but he realises his career may ultimately lie in the hands of TV executives.

“I was fortunate enough to have cast myself in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, but it’s a tricky landscape out there. A lot of people want to do the good stuff, and so you hope that you’re on the right lists,” he explained.

The programme, which has aired in the UK and will premiere in the US this week, also stars Daniel Radcliffe.

Jon heaped praise on the young star, who he called a “lovely actor” and “hardworking guy” he feels fortunate to have cast.

“My contribution was like, ‘Wouldn’t Daniel Radcliffe be great for this?’ I had been to BAFTA the night before. He said he likes my show and I said I like his work – maybe we can get together and talk about it,” he recalled.

“As it turns out he’s a massive Mikhail Bulgakov fan and he loves the guy…I’m like, ‘So I guess we’re doing this.’”

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