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Hamm: I worry Mad Men overshadows my career

Jon Hamm has "dark moments" where he thinks his career is over.

The actor was a relatively late bloomer in Hollywood, landing his role on the show as Don Draper at the age of 36.

With Mad Men in its seventh and final series, the 43-year-old sometimes feels anxiety about his future.

"You do start thinking, 'What's next?' You can get into a weird funk about what's next," he admitted to Time Out London magazine.

"Will anyone be able to buy me as another person? I mean, it's not what I wake up thinking. I wake up thinking: 'What's for breakfast?' But sometimes, in dark moments, I'm like, 'Soooo, is that my one shot?'"

Jon doesn't have too much to worry about - he's already bagged a part in Million Dollar Arm, a film about baseball.

While some might use the end of the series to think about starting a family, the star says he and his partner Jennifer Westfeldt, 44, won't be going down that route.

"No. I don't need children," he shrugged.

"Look, if it happened tomorrow, that would be another thing. But I'm older than dirt. So it would be difficult. A lot of our friends have kids and their children are eight, ten years old. We've watched them go through it."

On Mad Men, Jon's character Don is a notorious ladies' man. The actor has never been able to get his head around the fact that women fall for the dapper guy.

"That's the thing that kills me: that women seem to be attracted to Don Draper," he sighed. "Why would you ever be attracted to that man? You know the whole story of this guy, right? He's bad news."

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