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Hamm ‘papped without pants’

Jon Hamm was reportedly photographed with his pants off by a female on the Mad Men set.

The Mad Men star is considered a heartthrob and there is a rumour in Hollywood that the actor is well endowed.

While changing during a recent on-set stint for the period drama, Jon was reportedly surprised by a keen fan.

"Jon had to redo a quick scene and needed to get back into the pants he'd warn before," a source told National Enquirer.

"Rather than send him all the way back to his trailer, the wardrobe folks had him change in a makeshift dressing room just off the show's main set.

"Then this sneaky girl extra ran up some stairs to an area that overlooks everything and - as Jon dropped trou - she started snapping away."

Luckily the 42-year-old actor realised something wasn't quite right.

A noise is said to have caused Jon to look up and lash out when he realised what was going on.

"He heard a noise, looked up and - caught with his pants down - flat-out exploded, yelling, 'You come down here right now!'"

According to the publication the female, who is thought to be in her 20s, tried to run away but was stopped by security.

Jon is then said to have stood and watched while she deleted every single snap of him.

Subsequently the girl was reportedly also fired from her role as an extra.

The seventh season of Man Men will premiere next year.

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