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Hanks a fan of flaws

Tom Hanks doesn't think celebrities should aim for perfection.

The American actor is known for his modest and relaxed personality.

As a father to four children from two different marriages, Tom appreciates life for its little things and thinks stars shouldn't strive for perfection.

"But isn't it all about the flaws? Otherwise we're just all superheroes and cops that can't be killed," he laughed to British magazine Radio Times. "The scars are where it gets interesting. You get to 57 and realise the trick is to say, 'OK, I'm smarter now than I was two weeks ago - I'll settle for that.'"

Tom's latest role sees him embody the legendary Walt Disney in drama movie Saving Mr. Banks. The iconic star believes he was chosen for the part because of his kind-natured reputation, but admits Walt himself was no saint.

"Listen, I knew why they wanted me. I get it. I'm a recognisable commodity. I don't strike fear into many people's hearts," he mused.

"It's not all about warts - but there are warts. Look, we know Walt had a temper - you're asking, 'Did this guy pay people as little as possible?' Then, yes. But he was also a fabulous artist and a brilliant industrialist, and I've seen home movies, I've heard hours of interviews with people who knew him, and this is really not far from the guy."

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