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Hanks 'terrified' granddaughter

Tom Hanks recalls a frightening trip to Disneyland with his granddaughter.

The actor, who plays legendary animator Walt Disney in new film Saving Mr. Banks, took two-year-old Olivia to the California theme park during a day of filming.

But things took a turn for the worse on the Winnie the Pooh ride, when Tom failed to realise larger-than-life characters might frighten the youngster.

"My granddaughter was terrified by the noise and the big spinning bears. She will now be haunted for the rest of her days, by this first image of Winnie the Pooh, in a loud, short, herky-jerky ride that her grandfather forced her to do, on the day he played Walt Disney in Disneyland. That is just a sample of the fantastic job I do as a grandparent," he told Collider.

Tom became a grandfather for the first time with the birth of Olivia. The actor and wife Rita Wilson are also grandparents to his son Colin's five-month-old daughter, Charlotte, with wife Samantha Bryant.

Colin, whose mother is Tom's first wife Samantha Lewes, has joked about leaning on his famous parents in the early stages of parenthood.

"They cannot wait to just dote on this kid with every single fiber of their being," he told People after Olivia's birth.

"My wife and I are more than happy to give them our baby and say, 'Here, watch her while we take a nap!'"

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