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Hanks won’t watch himself

Tom Hanks says he skips over his own movies.

The movie legend isn’t opposed to watching himself; it’s just that he’s already seen all of his movies.

Yesterday he opened the New York Film Festival with the world premiere of his new movie, Captain Phillips, a hijacking thriller.

“If [one of my movies] comes up on the grid, I try to skip over that bad boy as fast as possible. They never change. I’ve seen them, I’ve seen them once.

“Sometimes I’ve seen them twice and after that there’s nothing new in there. So the only thing I can do is think of: Why did I wear my hair like that?” he laughed to Access Hollywood.

Tom will next week fly to the UK, where his movies are set to dominate the London Film Festival.

As in New York, Captain Phillips will open the annual festival and Saving Mr. Banks, a film based on the true story of how Mary Poppins came to the big screen, will close it.

With a back catalogue that includes two Oscar-winning performances, the 57-year-old actor is hard pressed to pick his favourite movie from his vast archive.

“Oh dear Lord, no [I don’t have a favourite]. There were some that were great adventures, some just a blast to do. A League of Their Own, that was a great summer. Apollo 13 was a fabulous, fabulous thing.

“Castaway was a big adventure because I got to swim every day and I got to have the period where I ate everything. And then, I had the period where I had to get into shape. They all have memories that are attached to them that are one of a kind,” he reminisced.

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