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Hardy: Drunks aren’t entertaining

Tom Hardy feels like a "designated driver" on a night out.

The 36-year-old actor is currently enjoying a high in his career, with several movies in the pipeline. One of these is The Drop, which he is currently promoting – and he’s having fun whilst doing so.

However, Tom doesn't need alcohol to have a good time and is often left looking after those around him who are intoxicated.

"I apologise if we look a little rough. We all stayed up late and partied here," he grinned to at the beginning of his interview. "I don’t drink. Just the e-cigarette. It’s hardly f**king rock 'n' roll. But yeah, we went out. I drank loads of sparkling water and sat out till four in the morning watching everybody else get drunk. That’s what I do.

"I don’t find drunks entertaining. I find them a liability. I normally have to help them get to cars, like I’m a designated driver. But everyone behaved themselves last night. No one needed helping out [and] there were no fights. Everybody stayed with their clothes on. It was cool."

The handsome Brit was lucky enough to act alongside the late James Gandolfini in The Drop. The Sopranos actor passed away last June after a heart attack, and Tom found himself in awe of the iconic star while on set with him.

"I met him just in this movie, but he was the full, real deal. He had everything, and he was the funniest guy to work with. He’d work on levels that were deep and metaphoric," Tom recalled fondly. "He can laugh, he can joke. He had a huge range of intelligence, and he was a very instinctive performer, and I just loved him."

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