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Harrison Ford crashes plane

Harrison Ford has reportedly been seriously injured after crash landing his plane at a Los Angeles golf course.

The 72-year-old actor was piloting a vintage two-seater fighter plane when an issue occurred and he was forced to crash land at Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California.

According to, Harrison was bleeding after the crash and suffered “multiple gashes to the head”.

Luckily, two doctors were at the golf course and quickly rushed over to help the star before ambulance staff arrived shortly afterwards.

The website reports that Harrison was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The Star Wars actor has been a keen pilot for years, and is frequently seen flying planes himself.

“Basically. I fly myself everywhere,” Harrison said in an interview with National Geographic magazine previously. “I like all kinds of flying, including practical flying for search and rescue. And I also like to fly into the backcountry, usually the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. I go with a group of friends, and we set up camp for about five days and explore little dirt strips and canyons.”

Over the years, he has suffered a series of crashes.

One of the worst occurred when Harrison was piloting a helicopter.

“Well, there was a mechanical failure while we were practicing power recovery autorotations,” Harrison told the magazine. “It was more or less a hard landing. Luckily, I was with another aviation professional and neither of us was hurt – and both of us are still flying.”

Harrison has had a string of bad luck in recent months. While shooting scenes for Star Wars: Episode VII last year, Harrison ended up injuring his leg and having to have surgery before he could resume shooting.

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