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Harrison hates limos

Harrison Ford doesn't go on crazy nights out, but does occasionally "stumble across situations".

The 71-year-old actor takes his craft incredibly seriously and has no interest in being a celebrity. That means attending premieres and events is just part of his job and not the kind of thing he'd like to do in his own time.

"I’m not comfortable in stretched limousines, with a hot tub in the back. There are times when I stumble across situations to have fun, but… it sounds unlikely," he replied, when Shortlist asked him if he ever goes on crazy nights out.

Harrison believes the latest crop of young stars have it harder than he did as there is so much more pressure on them. He warns those starting out to have a long think about how they want to be represented, as stardom is a guaranteed by-product of acting nowadays.

"Badly, I’m sure," he responded, when asked how he would cope with making it big in 2013. "There’s also the bump of celebrity. There’s so much of an interest in celebrity, inappropriate attention that is generated and is used as a product by others. The very good advice I got from a very wise older man in the business, was, 'Don’t let them make you into a thing.' Whatever that means."

Despite his views, Harrison refuses to give advice to those who are just starting out in Hollywood. He joked he "doesn't get paid enough" to give tips, adding it's not as if he has the whole industry figured out.

One thing he is adamant about is not being in awe of co-stars. While there are certainly some actors Harrison admires, he doesn't let himself become nervous when he steps on set with them.

"I think that’s a very bad mindset. There’s no competition. It’s about being focused on the object of the scene," he insisted. "Your job is to concentrate on the craft elements to help get that idea into the can. You don’t have the consciousness to say, 'Oh this is a wonderful actor. I better bring on my A-game.' If you think you might have left your A-game at home, [snarls] then f**king go home."

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