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Saturday 30 August 2014

Harry Hill reveals Gromit sculpture

Harry Hill has unveiled his sculpture of Gromit

Harry Hill has unveiled his giant sculpture of Gromit - the popular plasticine dog from the animated series.

The three-time Bafta winner is an eager artist and his design is the first to be shown in Bristol as part of a Gromit Unleashed project. The project, backed by Destination Bristol and VisitEngland, will see around 70 giant Gromits spring up across the city for 10 weeks from July 1.

The TV Burp presenter joked that he wanted his design to "raise awareness of male baldness".

He said: "Wallace and Gromit have world fame and are iconic British characters - it's like being given Mickey Mouse, you feel a certain responsibility before you start to splash the paint on. I decided my Gromit should raise awareness of male baldness. I'm not quite bald but I'm balding, so I've shaved Gromit back to his pink skin and put a bit of stubble on him."

The comedian's 1.5 metre high sculpture went on display at Wallace and Gromit's Aardman Studios in front of the character's creator Nick Park.

It is the first from around 40 artists local to Bristol, which will all be auctioned to raise money for Wallace And Gromit's Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children's Hospital Charity.

Wallace and Gromit's creator Nick Park said: "I've always loved Harry's work. When I found out he was an artist I thought who better to approach. He was so generous and immediately said yes. I'm incredibly precious about Gromit so it's been quite nerve wracking for me waiting to see what designs come back, but I think Harry's is quite stunning and funny."

Other sculptures by famous names include Gromit's creator Nick, Aardman co-founder Peter Lord, Raymond Briggs, the man behind The Snowman, and Axel Scheffler, who drew the children's character The Gruffalo.

The Gromit Unleashed Project is being run with Wild in Art, an arts company which specialises in mass participation events in cities, and lasts from July 1 to September 7 in Bristol.

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