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Sunday 20 April 2014

Harry Styles ‘chasing Jennifer Lawrence’

Jennifer Lawrence stars in the new X-Men film
Jennifer Lawrence stars in the new X-Men film

Harry Styles is said to be chasing "perfect" Jennifer Lawrence so he can get to know her better.

The One Direction heartthrob took to Twitter last month ahead of the Academy Awards to write: "Jennifer Lawrence needs to win an Oscar tonight". Just a few days later the singer posted: "Just watched Silver Linings Playbook... I really liked it (sic)."

Harry - who also followed a fake Twitter account for the Oscar-winning beauty - is said to have become "determined" to get to know the star.

"Harry first noticed her during the Golden Globes and one day he YouTubed loads of videos of her and loved how funny and self-deprecating she was. He even wrote about his crush on his Facebook page, describing Jennifer as 'perfect.' He was hoping to start chatting to her casually on Twitter - he's done it with loads of celebs before - but didn't realise it wasn't the real Jennifer Lawrence," a source told British magazine Heat.

Harry - who has been linked to a string of women since finding fame in British group One Direction - doesn't want to get too carried away with his pursuit of Jennifer though.

The source added that the 19-year-old star wants to try and keep his cool around the Hollywood golden girl.

"He's not getting ahead of himself, but he'd love to meet her - though she's one of the few girls he might not be able to keep his cool around," the insider added.

Harry has been linked to a string of girls since hitting international stardom, including Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne and British model Millie Brady.

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