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Harry Styles: New song is heavy

One Direction's Harry Styles says the band's new song is his "favourite" yet.

The teenage heartthrob along with bandmates Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are currently on their extensive world tour Take Me Home.

They recently premiered their new single Best Song Ever, and Harry has joked about the track's inspiration.

"It's my favourite song that we've done so far," he told Scott Mills’ BBC Radio 1 show. "This is a little bit heavier, but not like [heavy metal group] Slipknot or anything. The drums and guitars are bigger."

One Direction's 128-date Take Me Home tour, which began in February and ends in Australia in October, sees them performing in Europe, North America and Oceania.

Harry looks forward to rare days off, where he admits he "just calls down to hotel reception" if he wants anything.

The curly-haired star explained that overzealous female fans still sometimes book into the same accommodation if they know the band are staying there.

Harry also revealed his pseudonym for checking into hotels, although he joked he'd have to change it after the interview.

"It was Mick Green but I'm going to have to change it today," he laughed.

Harry revealed that the band have been enjoying watching hit TV show Sex and the City.

The programme stopped airing in 2004 and Harry is relying on box sets to satisfy his urge to tune in.

“There’s a couple of females who work with us and they do Sex And The City marathons all the time. Which is a great show by the way, I hadn’t seen it before,” he shared. “I’m on Series 2 now.”

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