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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Harry Styles: Sex and the City is excellent

Harry Styles

Harry Styles says TV show Sex and the City provides him and his One Direction bandmates with hours of endless entertainment.

The 19-year-old One Direction crooner is currently in America as part of the group’s international Take Me Home Tour.

Harry reveals that he and his bandmates have all developed an insatiable appetite for Sex and the City while travelling the world. The HBO show follows the sexual exploits of a group of four women in their thirties and forties who live in New York City.

The programme stopped airing in 2004 and Harry is relying on box sets to satisfy his urge to tune in.

“There’s a couple of females who work with us and they do Sex And The City marathons all the time. Which is a great show by the way, I hadn’t seen it before,” he shared on a phone interview during Scott Mills’ BBC Radio 1 show.

“I’m on Series 2 now.”

Harry is devoted to Sex and the City, but he also has another TV programme that is dear to his heart.

“Do they still have that Extreme Hoarders show on?” he asked Scott Mills.

Harry misses the comforts of home when he is on the road.

Apparently the simple joys of doing domestic chores is something he has grown to appreciate now that he is constantly travelling.

“I miss clean clothes. We have laundry days but you still only have the same six T-shirts and the same two pairs of jeans,” he said.

“But we sometimes wash our own clothes as there’s machines at the venues.”

One Direction will be making their big-screen debut in August with documentary This Is Us.

Their 128-date Take Me Home Tour, which began in February and ends in Australia in October, sees them performing in Europe, North America and Oceania.

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