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Harry: William envies my trek

Britain’s Prince Harry claims his father was “concerned” about his South Pole trek.

The 29-year-old royal arrived in Antarctica last Friday with fellow members of the Walking With The Wounded expedition. A snow storm and high winds have forced the team to delay their trek. Despite the harsh climate, Harry claims his older brother Prince William would love the peace and quiet of those surroundings.

“My brother is quite jealous I was able to get away from a screaming child,” Harry smiled to Sky News, in reference to William becoming a father for the first time when he welcomed son George into the world in July.

Harry went on to reveal that his father, Prince Charles, had his doubts about his youngest son taking on the trek.

“My father was a little bit concerned, I tried to keep him calm by saying the North Pole is the dangerous one as we are walking on a frozen ocean,” he revealed. “As long as you look after yourself you should be OK.”

Harry and his team have been confined to basic accommodation blocks at Novolazarevskaya Station in temperatures of -10C due to the bad weather. They have been unable to take part in the scheduled skiing exercises to help them acclimatise to the conditions.

Harry admits they are eager to get going as soon as possible, and boredom is setting in.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a lot of rubbish weather for the past few days, which means a lot of lying around and packing and unpacking bags,” he said. “For me I have just kept it completely basic, keep it basic and I think you should be able to survive.”

Harry is a patron of the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge 2013. The expedition will see participants, made up of largely wounded ex-servicemen and women, race over a 200-mile course to the South Pole.

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