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Hasselhoff: No more carpets!

David Hasselhoff is looking forward to a home which doesn't smell of dogs.

The 62-year-old actor happily describes himself as a neat freak and is also obsessed with keeping things clean. That is sometimes hard as he has a soft spot for pets too, and unfortunately some of his animals aren't very well house trained.

"I have a lovely, lovely, gorgeous girlfriend, and she doesn’t know how to cook or clean or even fold a shirt. Mostly what I do around the house is clean up after my pets," he told "I do a lot of work with rescue dogs, and birds. And it’s a lot of work cleaning carpets so instead of doing that for the rest of my life, I’m moving. No carpets allowed: only tile and wood!"

Many people loathe moving house as it's so stressful and a lot of work. David views it as an exciting thing though, as it means lots more rooms to get spic and span in his new place. He's also thrilled by the prospect of a property which doesn't pong.

"I’d like to make the house not smell like dogs! The house is beautiful. I hate leaving but I found a much bigger place with like 50 oak trees and a ranch-style area so we can have horses and I can get back to my roots. I’m excited about it," he explained.

And that's not the only good thing going on in David's life at the moment. He is very much in love with his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts, who he's been with since 2011, and things are also looking swell on the professional front. The star has a part in upcoming Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and has his own series on the boil, as well as a talk show which is taking Europe by storm.

"I have a TV series I just finished called Hoff the Record, which is basically tales of the Hoff. We took what’s happened in my life, amplified it, and made a semi-scripted sitcom. The reactions have been amazing," he gushed. "I just finished ten live shows of The David Hasselhoff Show, which is the Finland equivalent of [talk show host David] Letterman. I sing and talk about Finnish culture. I ask about why they want to live in Finland when there’s no sun, or why they watch Baywatch. Then I do the same thing in Sweden and Norway."

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