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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Hathaway: I need shed for my gongs

Anne Hathaway fancies an awards 'shed'

Anne Hathaway has revealed she is thinking of buying a shed to keep all her awards in.

The Les Miserables star has had a near clean sweep this awards season for her performance in the musical as tragic heroine Fantine and has just scooped the best supporting actress Bafta.

She said: "I've been lucky to receive a few pieces of hardware this year. I think I'm going to get a tool shed and keep them in there so when I open it, it lights up, but for now they're all in my kitchen."

After picking up a Bafta for Skyfall, the film's director Sam Mendes said he thought the only reason his leading man Daniel Craig hadn't been nominated for best actor for his portrayal of 007 was because of the "curse" of James Bond.

This is the first Bafta for a Bond film since 1963 for From Russia With Love. Sam said of the nominations snubbing Daniel: "It's the curse of Bond. It's an incredible performance but sometimes because Bond is the spine of the movie you take it for granted. I wish he'd been nominated."

Fellow Bafta winner Ben Affleck joked choosing between acting and directing would be like choosing between his children.

The father-of-three scooped the Baftas for best director and best film for his political thriller Argo, and had also been nominated for best actor. Asked which nomination had meant the most to him, acting or directing Ben said: "Ha ha. Which of my children is my favourite?"

Speaking about making the move into directing he said: "I think probably people are sceptical of actors across the board when they try to do other things.

"And I was over exposed in more ways than usual so I had a few more bumps to go over."

Daniel Day Lewis, meanwhile, revealed he doesn't keep his awards because he can't be bothered to dust them. The actor has won four Baftas and two Oscars, as well as numerous other awards, but he doesn't keep them at home. He revealed: "They all live for the time being in the office of my very dear friend and agent and she's the custodian of these things for me - that way I know they'll get a dusting."

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