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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hayden Panettiere ‘spending time with ex’

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is rumoured to be "spending time" with her ex-boyfriend Scotty McKnight.

The actress split from Scotty McKnight in December, following an 18-month romance. The breakup isn't thought to have been acrimonious and it's now been claimed the pair have started chatting again.

"[They are] talking again, and spending a bit of time together again. He hopes they’ll get back together," a source told New York Post.

Hayden's representative hasn't commented on the claim.

The news comes as something of a surprise as the 23-year-old actress has been spotted cosying up to heavyweight champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko recently.

Hayden dated the Ukrainian sportsman for two years until 2011, when they split due to the long-distance nature of their romance.

In February, the blonde star and Wladimir were seen enjoying a date in Florida. They were seen relaxing at Taco Beach Shack, sharing a sofa and with Wladimir draping his arm around Hayden while she clutched his hand.

In January, Wladimir dropped Hayden at the airport near his home in Florida. It sparked speculation they might be giving things another go, although the actress tried to sweep away the rumours.

She giggled when asked if she had reconciled with her ex-boyfriend and insisted they were just “good buddies”.

In 2011, Hayden discussed why sportsmen make the perfect boyfriends.

"See, I date two athletes and then people assume I only like athletes, but if I dated all actors, people wouldn't say anything," she said. "But I like it. It's been a really cool thing because they're in similar circles, where they understand the schedule, the work ethic, the social aspect, but they're not exactly in your industry, so it works out well."

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