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Heard: Jolie's my hero

Amber Heard looks to Angelina Jolie as a role model on how to live her life.

The 27-year-old actress is interested in both men and women, something she's made no secret of.

When it comes to making decisions on how to live her life, Amber revealed the 38-year-old star is someone she looks up to with great respect.

"I wish I could hold my tongue more, but I'm just not very good at it... Angelina Jolie is an incredible example - just an incredible force in terms of challenging the status quo," she gushed to the December issue of British magazine Company. "I think she talked about being bisexual honestly, which I love her for. Honesty is best - staying quiet can be so detrimental."

Amber is currently dating Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp after they met filming their 2011 movie The Rum Diary. The blonde beauty explained how she knows when she's found the right partner.

"It is really hard when you spend your life living out of a suitcase. But it really does weed out superficial people - if someone is still with you after the second movie then they're probably a good one!" she laughed. "I like to trust people in general - it's the southern girl in me."

Although she has managed to make a successful career for herself in Hollywood, Amber initially found it difficult to land good roles. She strives to find projects where the woman is equal to the man.

"You name me movies where the woman's part isn't narrower than the man's and they will be the exceptions - not the norm. I think in Europe things are better, but, in the US, we still have characters who are defined by physical attractiveness," she sighed.

"I try to search for roles where the character is not dependent on how she looks, but it is hard because I didn't know anyone in this industry so I started as an extra and fought. I've had to take on roles that were superficial, girlfriend roles, but I've tried to put some power or strength into them. And I don't think talent and beauty are mutually exclusive. "

On her days off Amber enjoys more simple pastimes away from the limelight.

"My favourite thing is to do crossword puzzles. I do the New York Times one every morning. Then I go to the barn to see my horse," she smiled.

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