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Sunday 20 April 2014

Heather Locklear addicted to phone game

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear has a hidden talent for playing Angry Birds on her cell phone.

The 51-year-old TV star is a dab hand at playing the popular gaming app. The star of Hot In Cleveland may have got to grips with her phone but she is less technically savvy when it comes to Twitter.

"I have a talent for Angry Birds," Heather revealed to Us Weekly. "I never leave the house without my phone because I have a teenage daughter [Ava, 15]. I don't have my own Twitter account, but I sometimes spy on my daughter's!"

The actress shared secrets and memories about what she was like when she was growing up. Heather can recall these moments thanks to her journal which she has kept since her teenage years.

"I scooped ice cream for a living when I was 15. I loved the marble fudge," Heather gushed.

"I've kept a diary since I was 18. I loved the Bee Gees growing up, and their music still makes me happy and my first concert was The O'Jays."

Heather also shared some memories of her first fashion disasters, as well as her initial romantic experiences.

"When I was little, I felt sorry for the ugly dresses and bought them. Then my mom made me wear them to school. I got over it pretty quickly!" she laughed.

"I had my first kiss when I was five."

Heather explained another cringe worthy moment in her life. She is horrified when she looks back on her first awkward meeting with handsome actor Bruce Willis.

"The first time I met Bruce Willis I tripped down a flight of stairs," she blushed. "Charming!"

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