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Heidi Klum: Give life your all

Heidi Klum has joked she'll probably be "hanging from a chandelier" when she turns 50.

The star has candidly discussed the ageing process. Heidi turns the milestone age of 40 in a couple of years and has joked about what she expects to happen.

"I think between 40 and 50, you just have to give it your all. You just have to do it all. You're still somewhat young.

"When you turn 50, that's when we're getting a little more settled, more quiet," she told E! Online, before jokingly adding: "I'll probably be hanging from a chandelier."

The mother-of-four can't believe how much she's evolved over the years. Heidi turns 39 on June 1 and has been getting nostalgic about her younger years.

"I just posted on Facebook a video from when I was 18 and I won [the German televised modelling competition] Model 92," she explained.

"I've changed a lot. It's like, who is that person?"

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