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Heidi Klum 'hobbled at Met Gala'

Heidi Klum broke her toe before attending the Met Gala this week.

The stunning model and entrepreneur is mother to four children.

Heidi sustained the minor injury while running after her tots at daughter Leni's birthday party recently.

"I hobbled along at the Met ball," Heidi laughed to Extra. "Pose, hobble, hobble, pose. There was kind of this weight on the bottom of the umbrella and clumsy old me ran right into it."

Heidi arrived at the ball looking impeccable despite her impairment.

"See, people don't know what happens or how you lay in the car getting there [to avoid creases in your dress]," Heidi explained. "I usually lay flat in the back of the limo -- or you have to go sideways."

The star won't be doing much for Mother's day this Sunday. She is hoping that breakfast will not be as chaotic as usual with her tykes.

"Especially in the morning when everyone wants something different. It's not like pancakes for everyone; it's Nutella bread for one and oatmeal for the other," she shared. "We will probably be at home nothing too crazy."

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