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Heigl: I’m terrible at politics

Katherine Heigl admits she lacks skill in influencing others.

The actress plays a government operative in new US TV drama State of Affairs.

But she insists she doesn’t share her character’s love of trying to influence others.

"It's ironic that I am doing a CIA show and it's about D.C. - I'm terrible at politics," she mused to USA Today. "I don't understand the politics of things."

Katherine’s lack of finesse in expressing her feelings about TV and film projects has been well-documented. As a result, she's earned a reputation for being difficult to work with, although she’s often disputed such rumours.

The star yanked her name from consideration for an Emmy for her work on US medical drama Grey’s Anatomy back in 2008, insisting at the time she wasn’t given the material to “warrant” a nomination.

She landed in hot water again when she dubbed her 2007 comedy Knocked Up “sexist”.

Looking back the star acknowledges her “upset people” and wishes she had kept some of her remarks “private”. But she appears to believe ongoing criticism is unwarranted.

“…I’ve also said I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I was a bit flippant and a bit casual in vomiting out what I thought and felt about things," she said.

Katherine’s now focused on her new show, and insists she’s gotten to know its two executive producers “really well”.

Both former members of the CIA, she admits that despite her apathy toward real-life politics she finds her bosses “fascinating”.

"Why the hell would you want to do this? I wanted to dwell into that psyche a little bit, people who make that choice,” she explained. “There's a lot of things you can do with that level of intelligence. Why dedicate that kind of time and energy to something with no glory, no money? The stakes are so high. These people deserve a ton of credit.”

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