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Helen Hunt: I needed to strip fast

Helen Hunt decided to get her nude scenes "out of the way" in her new movie.

The actress plays a professional sex surrogate in The Sessions, which focuses on a paralysed man who wants to lose his virginity. Helen was eager for audiences to adjust quickly to the sight of her naked, so agreed to strip off for her very first scene in the film.

"We were all very mindful that I should walk in the door and take my clothes off, to get it out of the way," she laughed in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph. "I'll be your therapist."

The star also revealed that she "didn't get to decide" about her appearance in The Sessions being classed as a supporting actress role.

The actress has received nods from the Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes for her performance. Helen admits that director Ben Lewin was disappointed that her involvement was only deemed to be a supporting role, rather than leading actress. However, Helen insists the classification is correct.

"The first thing I found out this time around is that I don't get to decide! But when I first saw the movie, I said, 'That's a supporting part'. She's not in the movie for the first half-hour," the actress added. "And she's barely in the movie for the last part, which leaves an hour in the middle. The director disagreed, as did my publicist. But if you think about The King's Speech, Geoffrey Rush [nominated for best supporting actor] has a big role, so what can I say?"

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