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Helen Mirren: Acting is like cooking

Dame Helen Mirren says the process of making a film is like rustling up a special dish in the kitchen.

The Oscar-winning actress says great films don't come around very often.

The 67-year-old believes the best projects are the result of numerous factors working well together.

"Making a movie is like incredible cuisine - the right ingredients come together and it's kind of magic," she told FOX411.

"Projects, you never know where the next project is going to come from, who it’s going to come from, so it's not like you can go, 'Oh, I want to do that.' You just hope that interesting projects will come, but in reality great scripts are very rare and great casts are pretty rare."

Helen is embracing her inner bad-girl as she hits old age. She was drawn to her role as assassin Victoria in Red 2 as it gave her the chance to handle a dangerous weapon.

"Shoot a big ass gun. I've never done that before," she laughed about why she decided to make the sequel to 2010's Red. "Also… I just love this project. I'm not saying this is all I want to do for the rest of my life, but within the context with everything else I do, it’s just the greatest. I love it. I was thrilled that it was going to become a franchise because obviously when we did the first one there was no understanding of that at all. It was a one off. So it's fantastic we got the opportunity to do it the second time."

Helen shared her thoughts on life. She's learnt how unpredictable it can be, and always prepares herself for every eventuality.

"You know life is a constant surprise. Just be prepared because life is always going to take you by surprise and this one took me surprise for sure," she shared.

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