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Helen Mirren swoons over David Beckham and Idris Elba

Helen Mirren could hardly hear anything Idris Elba was saying when they first met because she was absolutely stunned by his handsome features.

Dame Helen Mirren thinks David Beckham and Idris Elba are both hunky beyond belief.

The legendary English actress has credited the former professional soccer player and the Luther actor with changing the way men are viewed as a whole.

She believes British athlete David, who is father to four children with wife Victoria Beckham, has altered the very definition of masculinity by unabashedly showing his sensitive side in public.

Speaking about how she's watched gender roles transform over her lifetime, the 70-year-old Woman in Gold star tells U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail: "The wonderful David Beckham, whom I so admire, was one of the first men to be photographed pushing a pram, and because it was David Beckham, the incredible footballer at the height of his fame, it suddenly changed the dialogue about what men could be. These days, you can go out anywhere and see a man carrying a baby – and it’s all thanks to David Beckham!"

Helen is also deeply impressed with fellow Londoner Idris, as in addition to finding his personality incredible, the actress confesses she is in awe over how handsome he is.

"He’s a very, very cool guy," she smiles, noting they were first introduced at the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year (16). "And he’s sensible. He’s a Brit and the good thing about us Brits is that we’re often sensible, which he is. It was the first time I’d met him and he was very, very charming indeed. … although to tell you the truth, he’s so gorgeous, that actually I could hardly hear what he was saying because inside, I was going, 'Oh, my God – you’re so gorgeous!'"

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