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Helena Bonham Carter: Burton reprimands me

Helena Bonham Carter says her partner Tim Burton keeps disciplining her after developing an interest in soccer.

The quirky Hollywood stars raise two children and have been together since 2001. They often work with each other, but famously live in separate houses with a connecting doorway in London so they can have their own space.

Actress Helena has revealed that the American director has an unusual way of telling her she has stepped over the line when she behaves badly.

"He's become a real soccer fanatic so he has yellow cards and red cards. I'm always being sent off," she is quoted as saying by British newspaper The Sun. "It's pretty playful but that's good for me."

Helena and Tim are currently promoting Dark Shadows.

The 45-year-old actress plays Dr. Julia Hoffman in the vampire movie which is based on the '60s supernatural TV show.

Tim directed the picture and Helena admits that she got "booked" for several infringements while they were making the movie.

The filmmaker reprimanded his long-term partner for various offences such as unruly hand movements and moving her eyebrows too much.

Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Chloë Moretz also star in Dark Shadows.

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