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Hendricks: Don't take rejection personally

Christina Hendricks realised people get chosen for jobs for strange reasons when she moved to New York.

The 39-year-old actress is best known for portraying Joan Harris in Mad Men, which is coming to an end with the seventh season. She actually started off in the fashion industry though, which taught her people don't always get jobs for the right reasons.

"I moved to New York to model when I was 18. It was a boot camp for rejection and taught me that people get chosen or not chosen for the most random reasons. You have to learn not to take it personally," she told British magazine Stylist.

Mad Men began in 2007 and was set in a '60s advertising agency to begin with, with Christina's co-stars including Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones. It's been a smash hit all over the world, but when she took the role Christina's agency was unimpressed by it - so much so that she was eventually dropped. That isn't something she focuses on though, as it proves she is right to only take the roles which she's "in love with". If she doesn't feel a deep connection with a character Christina finds it hard to throw herself into them, and she feels lucky to have a learnt a lot from Joan too.

"If you can't turn something around and move on, then you'll just dwell on it. I like to think that I took on board some of Joan's confidence," she explained. "I always respected her ability to bounce back after something bad and come back stronger."

Christina is married to actor Geoffrey Arend, who she wed in 2009. She was given a lot of advice from well-meaning friends before she tied the knot and has come to realise a lot of it makes sense.

"When I got married, people said, 'It'll feel different!' and I thought, 'How?' Because it's forever," she said. "When you have an argument, you have to see their point of view. You chose them for a reason. Remember, that person is your best friend."

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