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Henry Cavill: I crush alphas

Henry Cavill enjoys getting back at childhood bullies by flaunting his success in their faces.

The 32-year-old star grew to fame depicting Superman in Man of Steel, but his body was not always in such impeccable form.

He was overweight as a child and bullies taunted him mercilessly for it, but Henry is now getting the last laugh on his former enemies.

“Because I was overweight and I had ambitions, I was target number one for the alphas of each group,” he recalled to British newspaper The Sun. “I’ve had a couple of awkward moments where I’ve seen one in a room and deliberately ignored him and really enjoyed it.

“He kept looking over and trying to make eye contact and I just kept on blanking him. That was enjoyable because he looks like he’s still a w*****.”

Even though Henry is considered to be one of the sexiest men alive, the star is still not free from receiving teases every now and then.

He is constantly changing form for various film roles and lots of his closest pals jest with him about his fluctuating physique.

“I’m buying new clothes every year. I’m bigger than I was in the first Superman film [Man of Steel], so I don’t fit the same clothes I did then. And when I was doing The Man From U.N.C.L.E., I was smaller, so it’s a constant shift in body size and shape," he explained to British magazine ShortList.

“But I never throw stuff away because I’ve changed size. Things I’ve loved, I’ve worn so much I’ve had to get rid. I’ll love something so much, I still see it the way it initially was, and then a friend will say, ‘Why do you dress like a homeless person? Look at your f**king clothes, mate.’ And then you realise that the T-shirt you adore has four holes in it. And that pair of jeans no longer has a fashionable rip; it’s just your knee hanging out."

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