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Hiddleston: Danger is appealing

Tom Hiddleston believes many people are attracted to misbehaviour.

The 32-year-old actor is known for portraying extraterrestrial villain Loki in Marvel films.

The star believes his dark character is so popular because people are drawn to Loki’s evil.

“It’s attached to this idea living on the edge, not playing by the rules,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly.

“I think there’s always been something that’s sort of attractive about that.”

Tom confesses he was involved in his own fair share of mischief as a youth.

But the star doesn’t think he was as bad as his peers.

“I’ve got a sprinkling of mischief in my childhood, but I was at school with some people who were really, really like — they got into some misdemeanours,” he recalled.

“There were tricks and pranks and capery. And sure enough, all the prettiest girls in my class were drawn to those guys who seemed to lean into danger.”

Tom did a lot of research to ensure he portrayed villainous Loki accurately.

The star was deeply inspired by the definition he discovered of the word ‘mischief’.

“I remember I looked up mischief in the dictionary and the first entry is ‘an inclination to playfulness, a desire to tease’,” he recalled.

“And then actually further down the line, like entry No. 5 is ‘destruction and damage.’ So you have this one word ‘mischief’ which encompasses all these things and that’s the role I’m playing. So it’s my job to turn up on set and have a great time and I hope that’s something that’s appealing, you know Loki’s having a good time and so am I.”

Tom’s new film Thor: The Dark World, which also stars Chris Hemsworth, is currently in US theatres.

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