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Hiddleston: I'm god of mischief

Chris Hemsworth has gushed about how much he and his Thor: The Dark World co-star Tom Hiddleston bonded during filming.

The actor stars alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World, with the pair portraying brothers Loki and Thor. This is the third release they have played the characters in and Tom remains thrilled by how much of a fan favourite evil Loki is.

"I think Loki is defined by Thor, he's defined in opposition to him. They are ying and yang, they are the sun and moon. The whole point of this is they are acting in opposition," he told Cover Media at the film's global press conference. "The whole popularity of the characters is an amazing surprise I never expected in my wildest dreams. And I don't know... he's a mixture of playfulness and charm and mischief, he's the god of mischief, but he's such a broken character. He's grief stricken, jealous, angry and lonely."

One of the best things about shooting the Alan Taylor-helmed release for Chris was working with Tom. The men have formed a close bond over the years and gushed about how great their on-set experience was.

"We pick up where we left off and have developed a great friendship along the way," Chris explained. "From the beginning we were lucky. We just had a chemistry and the same kind of enthusiasm."

Chris also voiced his love for Loki, insisting Tom was the perfect choice to embody the villainous god.

"Can I tell you what I love about Loki?" he asked.

"We were talking about this all morning... I don't know if it was ever the plan to have Loki in this many films but purely to do with everything that Tom brought to the table in the first one and how incredible he was and the mixture of strength and villainous and mischief and vulnerability is such an access point. You kind of emphasise with this. My hat goes off to Tom and I think he's done such an incredible job in every film and hopefully we can sneak him in more."

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