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Hilary Duff: Music’s my outlet

Hilary Duff doesn’t know how she’s ended up with a “giant child”.

The singer filed for divorce from husband Mike Comrie in February after separating the previous January. Despite her heartbreak, the 27-year-old has continued to work and has channelled her feelings into new album Breathe In. Breathe Out.

“It would have to be summed up with an emoji. Like a sun with a partial cloud over it then a slash then like a little cloud. So it’s bright and sunny and a little bit emotional. Appreciating it all,” she told People magazine. “I don’t think I just learnt from the bad because it really hasn’t been all bad. There’s been so much growth and there’s been a lot of happiness and a lot of coming togetherness and all that sad stuff, it’s been a really unique situation.”

Hilary and Mike married in August 2010 and they welcomed their son Luca in March 2012. The couple have remained amicable on the most part since their separation but Hilary is glad that she’s had her music to seek solace in too.

“It is what it is, there’s a lot of acceptance, it’s all on the record and I want people to listen to it and take what they get from it. But I feel lucky to have music as an outlet,” she smiled.

Her new album is her first since 2007’s Dignity. So much has changed for the star during that time, with becoming a mother top of that list, but Hilary wouldn’t have it any other way.

“He’s not a baby any more, he’s huge,” she laughed while discussing her son. “I don’t understand because I’m 5 ft 2 and Mike’s not that tall, we have a giant child. He’s awesome though, he’s so funny and every day is an adventure.”

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