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Hilary Duff’s nerdy Pokémon obsession

Hilary Duff has revealed what some of her favourite things were from her childhood.

The actress is currently starring in new TV show Younger. It’s gave the 27-year-old chance to reflect on some of her favourite things from when she was growing up, although some memories make her cringe.

“I don’t remember their names but I did go through a Pokémon collecting phase, just so embarrassing you guys!” she giggled to MTV News. “I had little laminated pages where they slipped in to protect the holographic ones. Let’s change the subject. I don’t actually want the world to know I had Pokémon cards!”

Hilary rose to fame as Lizzie McGuire in the hit television series. But when she wasn’t starring on the small screen herself, the star had a number of shows that she liked watching.

“How am I supposed to choose that? I mean there was Boy Meets World, there was Full House, [but] maybe Growing Pains was my favourite,” she revealed.

As well as TV shows, Hilary had a number of movies that she was obsessed with. While one is a cinema classic, another is a bit more obscure.

“I was a big Mary Poppins fan, and then when I got older I was really into this movie called Drop Dead Gorgeous,” she said. “I don’t know if anyone’s seen that but I watched it so many times.”

Other revelations during the chat with the outlet were that her favourite Spice Girl was Baby Spice and that Show Me Love by Robyn was one of her favourite songs.

And while the star is currently rocking blue hair, when she was younger she favoured a totally different look.

“Definitely hair clips, I rocked a mean butterfly clip, or ten at a time,” she laughed.

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