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Hilton slams radio host

Paris Hilton mistakenly branded an interviewer an “a*shole” while on the air Thursday morning.

The former reality television star called into Raleigh, North Carolina’s Bob and the Showgram radio show to promote her new single Good Time.

But while she was left fuming by host Bob Dumas’ line of questioning, she mistakenly called him an “a*shole”.

In an audio file posted by TMZ, the DJ is heard bringing up Paris’ infamous sex tape, asking the aspiring singer if she wished she had never made it.

“A lot of people... Kim Kardashian… started with the sex video you did too. Do you ever wish you didn’t do that back in the day?” he asks.

Paris brushed off the question, blaming the X-rated video on her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

“That was not anything to do with me. I just dated a person who was a very sick man who did that,” she said.

Paris remained on line through the three-minute interview but she didn’t realise she was still on air when she slammed the host.

“That guy was a f**king a*shole. I’m never doing that show again… They didn’t even mention the song,” she fumes to her handler.

“I’ve already put in a call to them I can’t believe they brought that crap up,” the man on the other line explains.

Bob and his team are heard laughing in the background before the call ends.

Paris did have a moment to talk about her music.

The 32-year-old star, who signed with Cash Money Records before making her new album, revealed her longtime friendships with Snoop Lion, Flo Rida and Lil Wayne led to their collaborations.

“These guys have been my friends for years I’ve been friends with all of them so long,” she said. “We’ve always talked about doing music together so when I had certain songs I thought that they would be perfect for I would just call them up and we would go in the studio and record.”

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