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Hoffman 'dealer' not arrested

Philip Seymour Hoffman's alleged street drug dealer has reportedly not been arrested while three others remain in custody.

Police took four suspects into custody Tuesday evening in connection with the actor's sudden death.

Philip's body was found in his New York City apartment Sunday after he succumbed to an apparent overdose. CNN reports a needle was still in his arm when he was discovered. It's believed he was using heroin.

Three people now remain in custody. And according to TMZ, a "dealer down the street" suspected of selling the drug to the actor was not among those arrested. The website cites an informant who helped police make the arrests.

"The informant claims that dealer was selling low-grade, very dangerous heroin. The informant says he came forward because he believes Hoffman may have been using the stash from the dealer down the street when he died," editors claim.

The informant reportedly told police Philip had two principal heroin suppliers, both of whom are believed to be in custody.

"We're told the informant said Robert Vineberg was the main guy, but when he would run out of heroin Vineberg would send a guy named Max Rosenblum to get more smack from someone down the street," according to the site.

ABC News reports Vineberg pled not guilty to felony heroin possession with an intent to sell.

Rosenblum and a woman, Juliana Luchkiw, have been charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession. They have also pled not guilty.

Prosecutors declined to charge the fourth suspect taken into custody, citing insufficient evidence.

Philip had been clean for 23 years when he checked into rehab last year after a relapse. It's unknown when he started taking drugs again but he did attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on January 26, according to one attendee.

On Saturday evening, police say Philip drew out $1,200 in several visits to ATMs within an hour, shortly before his death.

The actor is survived by his longtime partner, Mimi O'Donnell, and three young children. He was 46.

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