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Holly Madison ‘ready to go’ into labour

Holly Madison had a blast at her recent lavish Las Vegas baby shower and she has spoken about the irrational fears she’s coping with during her first pregnancy.

The former Girls Next Door star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella.

The 33-year-old confesses that she is experiencing numerous irrational fears during her first pregnancy, but Holly is ultimately enjoying her third trimester.

“I think since this is my first pregnancy, going through it, the anticipation can kind of be the worst part," she told Us Weekly.

"You're reading up on all the different side effects of pregnancy and the crazy things that could possibly happen and you’re just waiting to see 'will this happen to me?'

"And I had a couple of bad days but really, I've been blessed and had a good pregnancy. I am in the home stretch and I'm like, 'Okay, this has actually been a really great experience and surprisingly easy' and now I'm feeling better than ever the last few weeks. I'm super excited!"

To celebrate the new arrival Holly threw a lavish baby shower in Las Vegas for family and friends.

"It was really festive and well done and the food was amazing," Holly gushed.

"It was really fun, just all of us sitting down and relaxing, having lunch, gossiping and having a good time.

"I asked people to bring things that we could donate to Baby2Baby, so a lot of people brought really generous donations -- all kinds of baby supplies and things like that. Those were just such sweet gifts!"

Holly is due to have her baby on March 5.

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