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Hospital 'head case' JLaw

Jennifer Lawrence had "really bad pain" for weeks before she went to hospital.

The actress has been the subject of speculation about her health after she cancelled some appearances to promote The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Jennifer decided to seek help after experiencing stomach pain for a few weeks, and during an appearance on David Letterman's talk show last night she went into explicit detail.

"I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks. And you know you can only sh*t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you're like, 'I need to go to the hospital,'" she explained. "I thought I had an ulcer, but it turns out it was a 'fulcer'. I went to the emergency room."

Jennifer continued to discuss her recent health woes. She admits to freaking out after being anaesthetised before undergoing an endoscopy.

"I just did this thing yesterday called an endoscopo-something, where they put you to sleep. And the woman - it's pretty clear when you first meet me, I'm a freakin' head case and I'm crazy- so I'm in there like, 'Ugh, what are these?! What do they mean?! What does that say?!'" Jennifer laughed. "The last thing I said was, 'I'm paralysed!'"

After waking up from the procedure, a nurse asked the 23-year-old star if she'd had any unusual dreams.

"I dreamed there was a nuclear bomb that went off. And the first lucid conversation I remember having was about the Kardashians," Jennifer recalled. "Then I put my hand on the anaesthesiologist's chest and said, 'Will you please just promise me something? Will you promise me you'll watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, please?'"

During the interview with Letterman, the blonde star was given a pink flowery duvet to snuggle under.

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