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Thursday 2 October 2014

Housemates punished for rule breaks

Darryn Lyons broke the house rules

Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been punished for repeatedly breaking the rules in the space of a few hours - by being deprived of their haircare gadgets.

The contestants on the Channel 5 show were taken to task for discussing their eviction nominations.

Housemates - who include Kerry Katona and Jedward - have also been doomed to taking cold showers after being barred from using hot water after breaching the rules.

Photo agency boss Darryn Lyons and actor Lucien Laviscount were the latest to flout the guidelines when they talked about voting despite knowing it was forbidden and would be punished.

Celebrities were told of the latest penalty as they gathered in the living area. Big Brother read out a a conversation between Darren and Lucien in which the Waterloo Road star alluded to the nominations.

"You feel like you've done something wrong to me?" Darryn asked, to which Lucien replied: "I know there's no rectifying what I've done, and I think you're a great bloke."

Earlier, Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and actress Tara Reid were also discussing the votes. And that came after hot water was cut off when Tara spoke to model Bobby Sabel about nominations on Sunday.

Meanwhile the housemates have been busy with the task of mirroring Jedward by becoming identical twins. The celebrities have been paired up and asked to copy their dominant twin in order to impress the "Head Twins" Jedward.

The winning twins will win a pamper hamper, a bottle of champagne and matching pyjamas and slippers - not to be shared with anyone else.

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