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Hozier: Childhood inspires me

Hozier is very conscious about letting people down.

The Irish musician's hit track Take Me to Church reached the number one spot in a dozen countries following its release last year, with his debut self-titled album also making an impact in the charts.

Full of heart-felt and intense lyrics, Hozier has recalled the years which turned him into the musical star he is today.

"There would be a lot of debate in our house. You'd sit around the dinner table and somebody would have an opinion and somebody else, just for the f**k of it, would go, 'No, you're wrong because...'" he told Q magazine, recalling the moment his father retired from his job when he was seven due to nerve damage, and how he became more rebellious as a teenager.

"I could say with certainty that there's no one more defining factor. It colours the lens that I see the world with entirely... I don't know how my parents did it because we hadn't a penny. My mum somehow managed to maintain childhood."

He cites Take Me to Church as the first song he penned that he felt "happy with", as he is usually judgemental about his work.

Hozier's schedule is non-stop and he has shows booked all through this year right up until February 2016. With such a busy lifestyle, the 25-year-old has no time for a girlfriend.

"I live out of a suitcase. I'm very conscious of how I can't commit to anything and I'm also very conscious about letting somebody down," he sighed.

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