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Hozier on life's uncertainty

Hozier wishes someone had told him everyone is unhappy as a teenager.

The singer's success has been fairly sudden, with his hit track Take Me to Church peaking at number one in charts all over the world.

Despite his popularity, the 25-year-old knows only too well what it's like to experience angst, reflecting this in his self-titled debut album.

"The album is about love from a dark place, or love from an empty place," he explained to Q magazine.

"Realising that everyone is just scrambling around trying to make do is something that informs the album. Being a teenager would be a lot easier if people said, 'Everyone's unhappy, man, don't worry about it.'

"Ultimately, you look for a reassuring thought, 'When does this get better?' But it may not, and then you die, so that feeling of not being able to gain reassurance in anything is very human."

Hozier quit education to follow his dream of becoming a musician. It was the right choice, but it took a while to persuade his parents of it.

"They were disappointed I quit college but supportive," he revealed. "But after two and a half years, nothing was happening. They were tapping their watches a little bit, like, 'What's going on here?'"

At least they have nothing to worry about now, with Hozier's star continuing to rise. However, it's not forever, with the singer admitting he doesn't seem himself in the limelight for the "long haul".

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