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Hudson’s sporty Mother’s Day

Kate Hudson looks forward to hockey and cocktails on Mother’s Day.

The actress has two children – sons Ryder, ten, and Bingham, two. According to Kate, the special day will be a very sporty one.

“The whole family comes around and we just get in the pool and play hockey and have fun,” she told People Magazine. “We’re going to play a [hockey] game at the house. I’ll get involved, Ryder’s going to be a goalie, and my brother will also be a goalie.”

Bingham might only be two, but he makes a point of joining in when games are being played. Kate jokes about how he will probably be a professional hockey player when he grows up.

“He not only participates – he participates and then somehow everyone is just hiding,” laughs the 35-year-old. “He gets a hockey stick out, and the next thing you know he’s going after Ryder with a hockey stick. We’re trying to teach him to not hockey fight.”

Aside from sports, the day is usually quite traditional. The actress loves being spoiled by her family and enjoys a holiday cocktail too.

At ten, Ryder is old enough to make an effort for his mother and makes sure she starts Mother’s Day off as sweetly as possible.

“Ryder is such a good boy and always brings me some kind of flowers in the morning with coffee,” she said. “And I’m definitely going to have a Bloody Mary. I always look forward to that!”

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