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Hugh Grant: I'm having a mid-life crisis

Hugh Grant has nightmares of "sitting under the Christmas tree all by himself."

The 51-year-old actor became a father for the first time last year to daughter Tabitha following a "fleeting affair" with 32-year-old Tinglan Hong.

Hugh is happy with the expanse of his brood as he doesn't want to grow old alone.

"Sometimes, I have this awful vision that when I am an old man, I'll be sitting under the Christmas tree all by myself," Hugh told the German edition of InStyle magazine. "And the family will say: 'Someone has to go and visit uncle Hugh'. That is such a depressing thought. Perhaps having a family of my own would be the best strategy."

In about a decade, Hugh will be enjoying his golden years.

The actor wants to preserve his youth as long as possible and believes that he may be experiencing a bit of a breakdown.

"I am a little embarrassed to talk about this, I guess it's the Midlife-Crisis. But I recently got addicted to car racing," Hugh explained. "I am more often at car races in Silverstone and Italy now, where they teach me how to drive properly. I then go to bed with my iPad and read everything about gear boxes, brakes and engines. I don't know why I am suddenly interested in all this. I just have one explanation: I want to stay young."

Hugh was never youthful enough to fall madly in love with a woman at first glance.

"I have never met anyone who could prove to me that this person fell in love at first sight," he declared. "And I personally have never experienced it."

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