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Hugh Grant recalls embarrassing cinema trip

Hugh Grant has recalled an awkward moment in the cinema when audience members, unaware of his presence, branded his film "s**t".

The British actor remembered witnessing the audience's unimpressed reaction to one of his most famous films Four Weddings and a Funeral.

But he added that if he wasn't biased because of his part in the romantic comedy, he may have felt the same.

"I was sat in Chelsea cinema just before it came out, watching another film, and there were two young men sitting next to me. A trailer for Four Weddings came on and I remember these two guys saying 'I don't think so' and all the way through it was 'c**p' and 's**t'. Then the lights came up and they saw I was sitting next to them!" he told Total Film.

"I'm sure if I hadn't been in it I may have felt that as well."

Hugh also admitted that he often "interferes" with movie scripts.

The Bridget Jones star explained his vanity makes him determined to deliver the best performance possible, even if it means ignoring directions.

"It really all comes down to vanity, because I don't want to be in a flop. I want it to be entertaining and a success purely from ego. It's the same as if I played tennis. I want to win," he said. "So I can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to scripts. I keep bashing and bashing and bashing and bashing. 'We can improve this,' and, 'That's not working,' and 'This scene's gone floppy!' I'm very, very interfering."

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