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Hugh Jackman: Balance is everything

Hugh Jackman feels privileged that his fame offers him opportunities he would otherwise not be privy to.

The 46-year-old star, who has two adopted children with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, is known for his incredibly successful acting career, as well as his philanthropic pursuits.

And as he prepares for the release of a new type of project – a coffee documentary about his 2009 visit to Ethiopia – Hugh spoke about just how working on the documentary meant he felt he had obtained balance in his professional life.

“Balance is everything in life,” Hugh told USA Today. “This (project) is a labour of love. I feel incredibly humbled and privileged that, through my other job of dressing up and pretending to be people, I had this opportunity.

“I'm as happy and excited as any movie premiere I've had in my life today. It doesn't feel like work in that way and I'm very passionate about it. But I'm still going to dress up, and maybe sing and dance as well!”

During the trip to Ethiopia, Hugh formed a close friendship with young coffee farmer Dukale.

And he admits that joining Dukale during his daily duties on the coffee farm gave him a whole new perspective on just where his cup of caffeine comes from.

“It was not easy. I'm an actor, so I'm not really used to genuine hard work,” he said. “I'm just used to complaining about hard work! But no, it was hot. And in reality, (my) day's work was probably four or five hours, and he does a 10-12 hour day every day of his life, and then they run a little café in the evenings. So he works super, super hard, and I think he was laughing at me a little bit.”

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