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Hugh Jackman: Craig is comedic

Hugh Jackman really wants his "funny" friend Daniel Craig to go on Saturday Night Live.

The Wolverine star is good friends with British actor Daniel, who has played James Bond since 2006's Casino Royale.

With rumours flying around Hugh could be asked to take on the role of the special agent, the Australian star said he couldn't take it away from such a good pal.

"Well, mm, I dunno, Daniel is a good mate of mine, but I would consider it for sure," Hugh mused to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

"He's great. He's ridiculously funny; it would make you cry with laughter. I keep saying he has to do Saturday Night Live or something. And he's really cheeky!"

Hugh also brings his classic Wolverine character to the upcoming X-Men: The Days of Future Past.

It stars 23-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence, who has a reputation for being fun on set.

"She's cheeky! That whole set was cheeky!" he laughed.

"They were running around the set with these BB guns and I thought that was cute until Josh [Helman] comes in and he's got blood down his cheek!"

The star counts drama Prisoners, The Prestige and Les Misérables among his favourite movies to film.

With his fame comes plenty of attention while out and about, which he tried to counteract recently by wearing a box on his head, originally used by one of his children's teachers as a Halloween costume.

"I turned up at school and the principal who greets people has that box on his head and I said, 'That's great for me,' so I went and picked it up but stupidly didn't have it on my head when the paparazzi turned up and then put it on, so they knew it was me the whole time... I did not plan that well at all!" he laughed.

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