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Thursday 17 April 2014

Hugh Jackman ‘devastated’ by father’s illness

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 13: Actor Hugh Jackman arrives at NBC Universal's 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards after party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 13, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images)

Hugh Jackman is reportedly having a difficult time coping with his father’s bout with Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative brain illness.

The Les Misérables actor is extremely close with his father accountant Christopher John Jackman.

The degenerative brain illness is progressing in Christopher and it’s rumoured that his short-term memory is “pretty much gone.”

Although Hugh has been lauded throughout this year’s awards season for his role as Jean Valjean in the classic musical, even taking home a Golden Globe, he can’t seem to celebrate his achievements due to the malady.

“Hugh is devastated,” a source told Star magazine.

“His mum abandoned the family, so he’s always relied on his father. Hugh is dealing with his fear by working nonstop.”

Hugh is husband to Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness and the couple share two young children together.

It is said that Deborra is urging her spouse to spend as much time with his father before Christopher’s condition worsens.

“Hugh doesn’t seem to understand that time is slipping away,” the insider said.

“If he doesn’t spend time with his dad while he can, he’ll spend his life regretting it.”

Hugh has spoken previously about what a pivotal role his father Christopher plays in his life.

“My father is a rock. My father is my rock. It's where I learned everything about loyalty, dependability, being there day in, day out, no matter what,” he revealed on US TV news programme 60 Minutes recently.

“It's always about the family. It's not about work. And I think that's him living with probably some of his regrets. And feelings of maybe he at the wrong time put too much in his career.”

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