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Hugh Jackman: I'm fine with sexy status

Hugh Jackman doesn't just want to be remembered for being sexy - although it is a bonus.

The hunky actor has plenty of female fans thanks to his rugged good looks and sense of humour. Unfortunately he's already been snapped up by wife Deborra-Lee Furness, but the extra attention isn't exactly a bother.

"Oh, it's not annoying at all!" he laughed to Psychologies magazine.

"I don't mind it at all. But I think if people knew me, they would know that the one thing that I would like to be remembered for is being the most loving and caring husband and father. I work very hard, but everything I do is to provide the best possible life for Deb and the kids."

Hugh, 46, is very active on Instagram, where he can really share his personality with his fans. He's known for uploading joke videos and recently recorded a clip in which he imitated Jim Carrey's character in The Mask.

But does being Hollywood's resident Nice Guy come with any downsides?

"I've always valued the notion of being a gentleman and treating people with respect," he reasoned. "My father is a very proper Englishman and he taught me the value of respect and chivalry and having a sense of humour. I find it so much more enjoyable to try and embrace the kinder and gentler side of one's personality."

Hugh added that on rare occasions he does lose his temper, but never with Deborra and the children, and that he feels "really miserable" afterwards.

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