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Hugh Jackman: I'm spoilt

Hugh Jackman feels he's been "spoilt" as an actor.

On screen, the Australian actor takes fans by storm as superhero character Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. However, in real life the 45-year-old claims he couldn't be less capable.

"It's the simple things that I struggle with!" he laughed to German magazine Bravo. "It's because I've been too spoilt as an actor."

Hugh and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness raise adopted children Ava and Oscar together. While countless kids think Wolverine is a hero, his own brood aren't so sure about seeing their dad take on the clawed comic book legend.

"They're constantly embarrassed, trust me," he grinned. "Sometimes even because of the Wolverine thing. Friends or classmates keep asking them about it, and they find that embarrassing."

It's not just the kids who were dubious about Hugh's involvement in the movies. He recently revealed that Deborra also had her reservations, although she's now pleased he went for it.

"She read three pages and was like, 'You got claws coming out of your hands? This is ridiculous. Don't do it,'" he recently laughed to Vulture.

The star worked hard to get in shape for latest X-Men instalment, Days of Future Past. His efforts certainly paid off, but Hugh admits it wasn't easy.

"When you're on a diet, there's nothing worse than sitting in a pizzeria and watching people discard leftovers on their plate," he grimaced. "They say, 'Oh, you can take that, I'm done.' And I'm thinking, 'Eat the pizza; eat it!'"

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