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Hugh Jackman jokes about facelift

Hugh Jackman has joked that shooting movie scenes in high winds helped him understand why some people go under the surgeon's knife.

The actor is reprising his role as the iconic superhero in upcoming movie The Wolverine, which sees the character in Japan. Some of the sequences see Wolverine aboard the country's iconic bullet trains, which are renowned for their speed. It meant Hugh had to film in blustery conditions, which he ended up enjoying.

"It is insane. It was insane to shoot it. It was, again, one of those brilliant ideas. One of the most emblematic things about Japan is the bullet train. I can't go on the bullet train without any incident. It was hairy, shooting that stuff," he told MTV News. "To re-create what that is like, the kind of winds at 300 miles per hour, let me just say, looking back at some of the footage, I thought, 'It's time for a facelift.'"

The Wolverine trailer hit screens earlier this week and Hugh wants fans to know it offers just a taster of the action in the film. The picture follows the superhero as he heads to Japan, only to come into contact with a figure from his past.

Hugh has portrayed the character in the X-Men movies and the audience can expect to see some other familiar faces in the upcoming film. One in particular may be something of a surprise.

"There's no doubt that the most important relationship in his life is - we've seen through the movies - is his relationship with Jean Grey," Hugh explained. "Yes, we saw her die at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, but in this movie, she has a presence, which I think is vital to the movie, particularly for him confronting the most difficult thing within himself."

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