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Hugh Jackman needs Australian lessons

Hugh Jackman uses the internet to remind himself how to be "more Australian".

The 43-year-old actor hails Australia but has become used to adopting different accents for films.

Now the actor is lending his unchanged voice to warrior rabbit Easter Bunny in animated film Rise of the Guardians, which he hasn't found easy.

"I had to kind of concentrate on sounding more Australian than I probably am," Hugh confessed to Total Film.

"I went on the internet to remind myself of Aussie phrases. Like in England you have Cockney rhyming slang and we have our version of it: 'chompers', 'ankle-biters'…I thought, 'I'm gonna try as many of these as I can'."

The children's movie is based on the novel by William Joyce and also stars the voices of Isla Fisher as the Tooth Fairy, Alec Baldwin as Santa and Jude Law as Bogeyman.

Hugh, who has two adopted children, Oscar and Ava, explained why he was drawn to the movie.

"Most people think of the Easter Bunny as a cute little fluffy bunny, but our bunny is a little gruff… I thought that was funny," he revealed.

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