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Hugh Jackman treats Seyfried to lap dance

Hugh Jackman gave Amanda Seyfried a lap dance for her birthday, despite vowing never to perform the sexy moves again.

The Hollywood stars had attended an early screening of their new movie Les Misérables in New York City on Sunday when Hugh decided to give Amanda a racy gift. After announcing it was the star's 27th birthday on Monday, he asked the crowd - which included co-stars Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe - to join him in singing Happy Birthday to the actress.

"The last person I gave a lap dance to was Barbara Walters. I promised her not to ever give anyone else a lap dance. But she isn't here tonight so she won't ever know!" Hugh quipped as he began strutting his stuff. "Happy Birthday, Amanda - my daughter Cosette - Seyfried. Yes, it's one of those father daughter relationships…"

Although Amanda - who plays Hugh's adoptive daughter in Les Misérables - clearly enjoyed Hugh's performance, not everyone in the crowd was as impressed.

"He didn't give much of a lap dance," one female guest told the New York Post.

Amanda was then presented with a huge chocolate cake and gushed over Hugh's tribute.

"I was just thinking that my 27th year is probably going to be best because it was brought in in such a way that my hero, Mr. Hugh, got to stretch his cords one more time for me," she laughed.

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